Notion Bookmark🔖

Add website to your reading list in Notion with a live cover image.

The Steps

Just to make this is as easy as possible, follow the step below. If you know what you're doing you can click here to skip.

Get Nautomate.

Notion is one of the most flexible, powerful productivity platforms around but it doesn’t support Apple’s automation app, Shortcuts.Nautomate fills that gap, letting you add data to your Notion databases or create rich pages automatically without the need for expensive tools like Zapier.

Create Your Integration & Add to Notion.

Nautomate will provide a detailed tutorial for this in their app. Visit to create your integration. Copy the secret token that Notion generated and paste it in Nautomate.
Please note that this Shortcut requires a paid plan with Nautomate, at just over $11 a year is completely worth it.

Install the shortcut.

Install the shortcut and configure the Nautomate block to match your desired database.

Get The Shortcut

How it works.

This shortcut is able to grab live screenshots of the website you want to save by utilizing another tool I made. This tool is called WebLense. It's a live screenshot API. You can read more about it here.
Below is a gallery view of some of my bookmarks.

Made with 💙 By Clark Weckmann